The start of our 2019 Vintage

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Buds on vines in Three Feathers Vineyard during growing season 2019.

Off to the Races!

Our Pinot Noir grapes are popping out of their buds ten days after showing a “baby bump” on April 15.  This is called Bud Break and is the start of a grape’s annual growth cycle in the spring. Vineyard owners use bud break to calculate the harvesting date; the average number of days from bud break to maturity is 180 days.

I would call the 2018 – 2019 winter a “ normal “ Oregon winter – not too wet, like 2015, or too dry, like 2018. Temperatures were somewhat above average and we took advantage of the mild weather to get our grapes pruned in late January. February became cold and snowy and this pattern continued until mid-March.  Fortunately the grape plants did not get too cold and everything looks good so far.

Our gardens are really putting on a show this year, especially the wild cherries and native dogwood that are heavy with blooms. Spring temperatures have been fairly cool, keeping plants at their peak for longer.   We have a nesting pair of bluebirds for the first time in years and the ladybugs hatched thousands of babies in the vineyard.

Ladybugs hatching in Torio Vineyard.

Oregon is grass growing country and things are so green it almost hurts the eyes.  We are very busy mowing and weeding garden beds to get them in shape for our Wine Tasting event on Sunday, May 26th during Memorial Day Weekend.  

Three Feathers 2018 Blanc de Noirs just bottled and ready for sa
Three Feathers 2018 Blanc de Noirs just bottled and ready for sale.

We will be showcasing our newest wine, our White Pinot Noir, or “Blanc de Noirs” and introducing our wine club called the Three Feathers Flight Club. To receive an invitation, contact us:

Christine Stimac:
Sandra Hogan:

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