Carrot Cake, Parma-style

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Parma Style Carrot Cake - Recipe Giada de Laurentis

Parma-style Carrot Cake by Giada De Laurentiis This fabulously subtle and unique Carrot Cake, Parma-style recipe by Giadi De Laurentiis, makes repeat performances in our family ever since we discovered it on the Food Network. Lightly sweet, not too spicy, well-balanced and zingy with a touch of fennel and lemon zest, this carrot cake can be eaten for breakfast, lunch … Read More

Waste Not, Want Not

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Pinot Noir grape jelly made from the Precoce clone at Three Feathers Estate & Vineyard.

Brix, Birds and The Worlds Most Expensive Jelly As I explained last year in my recipe for Blackberry Pinot Noir Sauce, I have a problem with wasting grapes. During pre-harvest months, while we wait for the grapes to ripen, a lot of testing is done to gauge the sugar level in the grapes.  If I am being very stingy, I … Read More

Veraison Diary

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Pinot Noir grapes in the veraison process during which grapes begin to ripen growing in size, weight and sugar content, Three Feathers Estate, Chehalem Mountain AVA, Willamette Valley, Oregon.

50 Shades of Purple Véraison is a French word describing the process of ripening in grapes.  After the plants bloom, they go through a two month long period of maturation during which the plants, essentially climbing vines, put on tremendous growth of the shoots and tendrils.  Just when you are exhausted from trimming, hedging and trying to keep the vines … Read More

Behind the Scenes

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Irrigation repair on Three Feathers Estate & Vineyard

Behind the Scenes Behind the facade of any enterprise is the man power that brings every job to fruition. Given the size of the Three Feathers Farm & Vineyard we cannot possibly do everything ourselves.  We are very fortunate to have two terrific workers; Scott Pote and David Pederson, who are our Essential Team Members. Both native Oregonians they take … Read More

Three Feathers Estate & Vineyard celebrates a glorious Oregon summer with a family photo session


Three Feathers Estate & Vineyard owners Elise Prudhomme, Cynthia Sciarratta and Christine Stimac

Photo Session at Three Feathers Estate & Vineyard We are having glorious weather in the vineyards in Hillsboro, Oregon. Time for our family to enjoy the best that Oregon has to offer and an excellent opportunity for a photo shoot. Three Feathers Estate & Vineyard owners Christine Stimac (left) and daughters Cynthia Stimac (middle) and Elise Prudhomme (right) pose in … Read More

Stirred, not Shaken

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Final comparative view of Three Feathers 2016 Pinot Noir before and after filtration in preparation of bottling on July 6.

Stirred, not Shaken: Clarification of our 2016 Three Feathers Pinot Noir We received a text message from Dan Duryee, our winemaker at Lady Hill Winery, to say that our Three Feathers 2016 vintage Pinot Noir would go through the filtration process that day. “Is there anything to photograph?”, Christine texted back. Up pops a photograph of a strange machine and … Read More

Barrel Tasting at Lady Hill Winery

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Barrel tasting custom crush 2016 Three Feathers Pinot Noir with Winemaker Dan Duryee at Lady Hill Winery, Saint Paul, Oregon, USA.

Barrel Tasting with our Winemaker Dan Duryee Our tasting compared the four barrels against each other. Winemakers do this to ensure that none of the barrels are bad or “off” tasting before they are blended. One of the barrels was noticeably different. The simplest explanation was that the barrel manufacturer was different from the other three. Interesting that that would … Read More

Harvesting and Custom Crush at Lady Hill Winery

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Three Feathers pinot noir grapes sorted and de-stemmed and ready for the fermentation tanks, Lady Hill Winery, Saint Paul, Oregon, USA.

Custom Crush at Lady Hill Winery with Winemaker Dan Duryee Recent genetic studies of grape varieties has identified Pinot Noir as one of the oldest grapes in the world. A small cluster variety, Pinot Noir has a reputation for being a finicky grape. It prefers cool nights and warm days. The wine is light in color and flavor and on … Read More

First Grape Harvest at Three Feathers

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First barrel sample of custom crush 2016 Three Feathers Pinot Noir from barrels at Lady Hill Winery, Willamette Valley, Oregon, USA.

First Grape Harvest Block 1, Pinot Noir #667, Brix 22, TA 3.1 Friends and Family gathered to pick our first grapes. We sent 12 tubs to the state-of-the-art wine making facility at Lady Hill Winery in St. Paul for a custom crush.  We watched as the wine making team, Dan and Tony, escorted our grapes on the path to greatness! … Read More