Behind the Scenes

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Irrigation repair on Three Feathers Estate & Vineyard
Behind the Scenes

Behind the facade of any enterprise is the man power that brings every job to fruition. Given the size of the Three Feathers Farm & Vineyard we cannot possibly do everything ourselves.  We are very fortunate to have two terrific workers; Scott Pote and David Pederson, who are our Essential Team Members. Both native Oregonians they take pride in their work and a proprietary interest in the operation of the Farm.

They mow, spray, weed, rototill, fertilize, make hay, pick grapes repair machinery and irrigation, and do all the daily work that is required of 250 acres of forest, farm and Vineyard.

The Vineyard irrigation system, nicked named the “Irritation System” is a complex web of pumps, underground and above ground pipes and emitters.  Every season brings new challenges of breaks, clogs and leaks.  Scott and David spend countless hours maintaining this system and frequently dig big holes.

Irrigation repair on Three Feathers Estate & Vineyard

Scott Pote doing “in-depth soil analysis”

In July it “all hands on deck” to harvest hay. David drives the ancient John Deere and Christine, Victor and Scott man the two New Holland Tractors, Big Blue and Baby Blue.

John Deere and New Holland cross paths in the haying frenzy to t

Haymaking Team David and Christine making win-rows and picking up bales.

Elise Prudhomme and family come from France every summer to help with Vineyard chores and buck the 45 tons of hay that add support to the Farm income.  When the job is done the barn is full of the aroma of newly cut hay.

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