So, where are you located exactly?

Elise StimacGrowing, Locator Maps

Map indicating the sub AVA regions of the Willamette Valley, Oregon, USA.

The Big Picture

“So, where are you located exactly?” is a FAQ at Three Feathers Estate & Vineyard.  During travels within Oregon, out-of-state and overseas, we are amazed at how many people recognize the Willamette Valley as a Pinot Noir wine producing region.  Some even recognize “Willamette Valley” before they mentally locate the State of Oregon!  Explaining what an AVA is requires another few minutes and then we get into sub-AVAs and Chehalem Mountains and our listener is already lost.

Having just come across a great article Tips On Finding The Best Oregon Pinot Noir, by Madeline Puckette, complete with legible maps showing the Willamette Valley AVA and more specifically the 6 sub-regions that comprise it (Chehalem Mountains, Dundee Hills, Eola-Amity Hills, McMinnville, Ribbon Ridge, and Yamhill-Carlton) it occurs to us that we have not included a map locator on our site!

To give you the Big Picture, we include two beautifully illustrated maps of the Willamette Valley sub-AVA regions and specifically that of the Chehalem Mountains, courtesy of the Oregon Wine Board.  We are situated in the Chehalem Mountains, the northern most corner of Yamhill County, on the opposite side of the mountain from Ribbon Ridge.