A Tale of Two Vineyards

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A bottle of Three Feathers Estate Pinot Noir perched on a vineyard wall with the town Saint-Emilion in the background, Bordeaux region, Gironde, France.

A Tale of Two Vineyards | Three Feathers Estate visits Château Pavie Macquin By Elise Prudhomme The adventure started with a neighborly “getting to know you” over coffee in our Normand vacation home, English Channel in the distance.  A dear girlfriend wished to introduce me to two childhood friends of hers, sisters, living in Normandy and vacationing in Bordeaux: “They … Read More

Birds of a Feather


Close-up on the nose of a McDonnell Douglas VC-9C USA Air Force presidential airplane that served chief executives and their staffs from 1975 to 2005, Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum, McMinnville, Oregon.

Birds of a Feather flock together aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt Three Feathers and their children will be presenting our 2016 Pinot Noir at a dinner for members and guests of the Theodore Roosevelt Association at the Hilton in Mission Valley, San Diego on Sunday, June 18. Then, on June 19, we will be embarking on a day-long cruise aboard … Read More