Three Feathers Partner Highlight | Elise Prudhomme

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Christine (left), Cynthia (middle) and Elise (right) pose for a summer photoshoot in Three Feathers vineyard.
Three Feathers summer photoshoot in the vineyard.

Cynthia (left), Elise (middle) and Christine (right) pose for a summer photo-shoot in Three Feathers Vineyard.

Three Feathers Partner Highlight | Elise Prudhomme

The Three Feathers Estate & Vineyard management team is composed of three hard-working, talented and dynamic women devoting their energy to families, careers and this Estate and Vineyard.

This month we are proud to highlight the endeavors of partner Elise Prudhomme, the creative backbone of Three Feathers.  Elise’s contribution to the marketing and communication of Three Feathers ranges from photography to website development to graphic design.  Elise manages our packaging for holiday campaigns, designed our logo and all bottle labels and coordinates our bi-annual newsletter; all of this in conjunction with her photography career in hometown Paris, France.

Exhibition announcement for the new photo series "Lieux-dits" by Elise Prudhomme.

Exhibition announcement for the new photo series “Lieux-dits” by Elise Prudhomme.

Elise Prudhomme exhibits her latest photography series in Paris, France

Photographic author, Elise Prudhomme, uses her many cameras to explore the possibilities and limits of the medium. Her subject matter varies from Landscape, Portraits or Interior Spaces but throughout there is a humor, irony and an appreciation of the surreal.

Her latest series is titled Lieux-dits.  This is a French toponymic term that literally translates as “Said Places”. It refers to small geographical locations that bear traditional names often based on some characteristic of the place, its former use, or a past event. These photographs represent events as well as places, as in a memoir. One single shot was not enough to express the feeling engendered by the locale. Through a creative use of multiple exposures to generate diverse reference points, the emotions associated with the “Lieux-dits” are anchored in memory.

“Taken during travels, when my sensitivity to my surrounds was most acute, they relate tales of encounters, lights and foreign languages during an adventurous time in my life”.

Black and white panoramic photograph of a bouquet of sunflowers, Arles, France. Analog photography series entitled Lieux-dits by Elise Prudhomme.

Le bouquet, Arles, France.

This series is comprised of 20 black and white panoramic format prints (20 x 60 inches) made from medium format film negatives and printed on Japanese mulberry paper.

Lieux-dits is exhibited at Studio Galerie B&B in Paris, France until November 22.
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A graduate of Smith College in Art History and Italian Literature, Elise assists fashion and architecture photographers in Florence before moving to Paris. She continues her apprenticeship in silver printing at the Maine Photographic Workshops and in Paris with Guillaume Geneste. Self-consciousness, her first photographic series in medium format black and white film is awarded at Royan and receives the Grand Prix of Riedisheim on the theme “Feminine”.

Elise participates in the creation of Francis Picabia’s catalog raisonné and directs the pop-up gallery for the visual arts: Studio Galerie B&B.  She teaches contemporary art and photography to the students of Spéos Paris and Rhode Island School of Design through the organization of cultural visits in Ile-de-France.

With enthusiasm and rigor, Elise Prudhomme explores creative processes combining analog and digital photography using middle and large format cameras (4×5 view camera, Hasselblad, Rolleiflex). She realizes projects around the theme of the new picturesque. Light is her first tool and inspires the treatment of the subject whether it is an interior space, a landscape or a portrait as illustrated by her work for the French National Foundation of Parks and Gardens and the Theodore Roosevelt Association.

Elise is the wife of François Prudhomme and the mother of three teenage sons; Colin, Oscar and Felix Prudhomme.

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