Join the Three Feathers Flight Club today!

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Three Feathers Flight Club brochures ready to roll
Three Feathers Flight Club Promo Piece for the Wine Club Launch

Join the Three Feathers Flight Club today!

Our newly launched wine club is called the “Three Feathers Flight Club”.

This is not the type of club where we exclude people. Nor is it the type of club that requires a membership fee (golf club, country club, Costco, Sam’s Club). No initiation rituals. Just a group of people who will constitute Three Feathers insiders. People interested in the Vineyard Cycle and the production of superior wine who want to share in the process by purchasing a small amount of wine every year.

Our club is exclusive in that it is limited to our yearly production – currently 300 – 400 cases per year. Our goal is to make as much wine as we can sell to our club members and a few select retail outlets. You will not find our wine in supermarkets or discount stores.

Because our members will select the wines in their annual shipments, the production will be targeted to the taste of our members. Limited production wines such as Reserve Wines will be offered to Members first. And members will receive preferred pricing on all purchases and free tastings at our events.

The Three Feathers Flight Club is designed to benefit our Members with special pricing, special offers and the opportunity to be part of a small family enterprise.

You don’t have to bust your budget to join; the annual purchase commitment is only 12 bottles of your choosing. You can start with our latest release 2018 Blanc de Noirs, for example, for $294.00 broken into two shipments 6 bottles at $147.00 each.

Three Feathers Blanc de Noirs 2018
Three Feathers Blanc de Noirs 2018

Contact us for more details.

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